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What is being 100FOLD?

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

What is being 100Fold? In order to better understand this state of being, let’s start with an image. Imagine yourself lounging out in the sun, you can see yourself enjoying your favorite foods and drink, basking in the sunshine, blissfully relaxing. You are actually so relaxed because you have safety, security and virtually all you could ask for.

This feeling of rest, peace, comfort and joy that you get from this image is the state of being called 100Fold. It is living outside your physical senses of the body and soul and living in the spirit. In Mark 4, Jesus describes each way of living and how being able to live 100Fold is closer than you think.

Mark 4 is the parable of the seed and the sower. Jesus speaks of a farmer who went out to sow his seed. Some fell along the path, and these were eaten by the birds. Some fell on rocky places, but without much soil they could not root. And so, the plants sprang up quickly, withered and died as the sun rose. Other seed fell in thorns and these plants that grew were choked by them. Yet the seed that fell on good soil grew and produced a good crop that multiplied, thirty, sixty and a hundred times.

What does this mean? You see the seed is the Word, a word, or our thoughts. The soil is our faith which is our heart. The seeds falling on the path are those individuals that believe in God but do not nurture their faith. They question their belief and as soon as something happens to them. They are swept into other circumstances that detract them from God. And so, they are prevented from producing a good crop. Their faith never budding; the birds have carried it away.

And what are the seeds that fall on rocky places? Well, here the Word finds nutrients, and is nurtured for a time. However, because it can’t grow roots- there is a belief of having no power in dealing with the day to day- the Word withers and dies. Without the Word of God breathing life into us-nurturing and sustaining us- we can’t hope to grow our faith.

And the thorns? Have you ever been around people that literally drain the life out of you? Well, the word or thought surrounded by unsupportive and hurtful people and situations, will be strangled.

Yet the seed that finds good soil- full of gratitude, love, the Word of God, prayer, the Holy Spirit, and community- leads to a life filled with good works- good crops! And the conviction of our faith will yield- thirty, sixty or a hundred-fold, in good fruit.

Now, what’s the difference? In order to discover this, you need to ask yourself this question: “How good is God?” How you answer this question determines your yield- which depends on if you live life through the body, the soul or the spirit.

You see, we as human beings, have this ingrained belief that everything we gain is through our efforts. We have to work for blessings. We work for reward. We depend on what our senses tell us to make decisions on any situation. This is living through the body. This is what most religions teach. In order to receive God’s favor, we must earn it. We accept that God loves us, sacrificed for us but we still feel we have to earn our place in heaven. So, if you nurture your faith but still fall back on living through the body you may be producing 30Fold- you still produce good work but you will find that in times of trial you depend on yourself to solve your situations. It’s a struggle that you believe you must carry.

This is the same thinking that follows in 60Fold. We have faith in God, we believe we are forgiven. Yet we still think we must repent and break hold of our failings so that God can use us for good works. Again, there is a belief of burden, struggle and work to earn our grace with God. We pull from the body and soul- the information from our senses and our emotions driving our actions.

In 30 and 60Fold, we still live with fear, guilt, condemnation, doubt and the belief that we need to work for our salvation and God’s favor.

100Fold is living through the spirit. It is depending on God. It is you listening to the Holy Spirit. It is you knowing that God is walking life with you and living in you every day, every moment of your life. There is no separation. He provides all that you need.

100Fold is freedom from fear and guilt. It is agreeing with how God sees you-perfect, holy and blameless. It is having faith in Him and the promises he has gifted: love, grace, righteousness. It is resting in Him. 100 Fold is knowing that when you plant your seed you can rest in the love of God. Your faith in His promises for you gives you peace.

How good is God? He is so good that all we need to do is plant our seed- our prayers, our faith, our dreams- and rest. Yes, it is that simple. And when you rest in that belief, you are 100Fold - a weightless, ease of living and breathing.

Like blissfully basking in the light of his love.

*Published by: Marisa

**All images found using google search.

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