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Hello, Doug here, from the leadership team.  We call ourselves the Magnificent Six.  You may think that sounds a little strange to be called one of the magnificent six, but let me share a journey that I have been on since 2011 that will explain this.  The journey started with me, at that time, 30 years of church and religion.  My life was all about being obedient to the God of my own making.  Doing all the right things on the outside, but on the inside frustrated, confused and in self-condemnation.  I was doing all the right things; church attendance, tithing, quiet times and even leading church small groups.  Don’t get me wrong, I was happy and I knew my faith was strong.  But see, that is where I was wrong.  I was working to be who I already was.  I felt I needed to serve more, confess more so that God would be for me, not against me.  It was all about pleasing Him because:  “if I did bad I would get bad, and if I did good I would get good”.


I was on a spiritual roller coaster.  Up for days because I did all the right things, then down for days because I didn’t do all the right things, and I knew better.  And because I knew better I heaped more condemnation on myself.  Coming to the end of myself, I stepped away from all the religious “stuff” the works based religion in order to "please God".


What I stepped into is what I am now calling The 100Fold Journey.  It is a multi-faceted journey that led me to where I am today.  God's opinion of me did not change through this whole process.  What changed was my opinion of Him and of myself and my true identity.  What changes did I make?  What does 100Fold mean?  What was that path?


I call the path the Magnificent Six.  


Path 1: Discovering who Jesus is and thereby discovering who I was; because as He is, so I AM in this world


Path 2: Discovering just how powerful your thoughts are and how you have the power to change them.

Path 3: Discovering the relationships you have in your life is the degree of happiness you experience

Path 4: Discovering how a daily routine of setting the intention for the day will transform your way of thinking

Path 5:  Discovering a whole world of meditation and yoga found in God's word which take you right to your creator

and see Him and yourself for who you truly are

Path 6:  Discovering how the spirit of faith and unity is a global message. 

There is no separation, we are all one because God is one


Each of these paths brought me to where I am today.  None are exclusive, they are inclusive.  Amazingly each one of these paths represents

5 people who came into my life and who represent the perfect nature of each of these paths.  By the way, I am the 6th person.  


I am inviting you to join this on-line global community where the magnificent six provide you insights into their journey from their perspective.  When you join this community which we call The 100Fold Journey, you will receive inspirational messages by either email, text or through Facebook.  There will be live on-line teachings in which you will be free to ask questions.


This community will be one in which you can share your story of how your life is transformed as you discover your true identity and God's true identity.  This will encourage others to see your transformation and freedom.  

Our world today needs Love and Light which is already here because it’s already in you.  Join this community of The 100Fold Journey and find your true purpose and where you are going in this life journey.  We believe this message can change the world one person at a time. 


That person starts with you.


Your journey starts now.   Join Us by signing up below for our Website!!

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