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Thoughts are Things

Christ never intended for Christianity to be a religion.

He knew that religion would only bring death.

His mission was simply to point us to the Father, who is PURE LOVE – pure love is the absence of lack and fear – and to remind us that the Father is not out there somewhere, but in us, living through us, and as us. 

No fear. No Lack. Just Love.

Like so many others, religiosity left me spiritually dead, disconnected and segregated from the “non-Christian” world, and even from my fellow Christians.

I served an angry God who was always waiting for me to mess up so He could forgive me… Fear and lack were my daily reality. Feeling Love for myself, or others, was fleeting if it came at all.  So often I asked myself

“Why would anyone want to be a Christian?”

Fast forward to today and I am living my very best life.

My faith in and relationship with Christ has never been deeper and now peace, joy,

and true contentment are my daily reality.

My path to the 100Fold Life has come by following the 100FoldJourney.

For me the 100Fold Life has been made possible by the convergence of the 3 inextricably linked and

interconnected areas:

  • A TRUE Understanding of the Word (spiritually, allegorically, and parabolically instead of literally), the way God intended it to be understood

  • The Power of the Mind (neuroscience) which is the most powerful force in the universe after God

  • The Spirit-Mind-Body connection (meditation/prayer and Quantum Physics) that allows us to be the Co-Creators of our destiny and Life Giving Spirits to ourselves and to a world in desperate need.

God created it all, and it all works together for His glory and our benefit…that is the 100Fold Journey!

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