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What is God's Unconditional Love? And why don't we accept it?

What is unconditional Love? And why don’t we accept it?

When you think of unconditional love, what comes to mind? The love of a mother holding her child for the first time; a child’s bond with their first pet puppy. What is unconditional love? The question you should be asking is not what is unconditional love, but who is unconditional love? That answer is God, our creator, the source of everything.

How does God define unconditional love? His definition of love requires no expectations, conditions or a response from us. He is always giving and never demanding to receive. Yet for God, it is more than mere words. You see, while we were turning our back on Him, God demonstrated His ultimate love for us by becoming man and dying for us. This is the

significance of Christ, the life He lived and the death He died. He was God in the flesh and He perfectly demonstrated God’s unconditional love. For it was God, in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself.

God expressing this unconditional love to the entire world literally turned it upside down. Everything that man thought God was, turned out to be 180 degrees opposite. He is not an angry God. He does not need appeasing. He is not a Christian or looking for worshipers to fall at His feet. He is not sending you to hell for not choosing Him. He is giving you the power of choice, because that’s what love does. He did not create robots to obey but He gave you the right to be a co-creator with Him. You can choose to rule and reign, or, choose not to and live with the consequences. Yet, those consequences are the choices of your own making. Literally you can choose to live heaven or hell on earth now by your own choices. This is the co-creating power which God has given you, no strings attached!

But why don’t we accept His unconditional love?

We choose to deny ourselves His unconditional love because we don’t believe we deserve it! This is what society and religion has done to us. It has perverted our minds into thinking we need to work for our blessings because “nothing is for free.” If you are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, this is exactly what caused them to be deceived; not believing that God loved them unconditionally so they reached out with their own hand in their own strength to take what God had already freely given them. Religion has taught us that because of our behavior, we must show guilt, remorse and confess our regret for our wrong-doing. Yet God does not ask this of us! His unconditional love comes with no expectations! Through Jesus’ life, death, love and sacrifice we have been gifted with His grace and love with no strings at all!

So what change needs to take place to experience God’s beautiful unconditional love? You need to decide who God is for you, renew who he is and how he is. You must step out in faith, trusting that God does love you unconditionally. He is good and has given you grace.

Here are truths that you will not hear from the outside, but if you meditate upon these, you know these are true on the inside. Allow yourself to go within and renew your mind and agree with God about the following truths that He says about you. Read these and repeat these as you are saying this about yourself:

God is a good Father and only wants what is best with no strings attached

I AM completely loved

I AM completely forgiven - past - present - future

I AM in complete union with the Father

I AM one with Him

I AM His body, His temple, His dwelling place

These may feel uncomfortable at first because we have allowed society and religion to influence our thoughts and emotions. But as you repeat these and meditate upon them, God’s spirit will confirm with your spirit that these are true for you and that you are a child of God. I would like to suggest that you write these down and think upon them throughout the day, throughout the week which is all part of the renewing of your mind. Changing your thoughts about who God is and who you are. Finding your true identity and by doing so finding God’s true identity.

In the Bible in the book of Genesis the scriptures tell us that we are made in God's image and His likeness. He is not afraid or concerned that we might be like Him. He wants us to be. He designed us that way. What an amazing gift of love to actually infuse us with Himself, which is love. God made us to be the object of His love so that we could enjoy the experience of being loved! No conditions! In accepting His love we then can experience the joy of loving others the same way God loves us!

Don’t think you need to do anything except freely receive. Rest in knowing that you are unconditionally loved by your creator. For this is your very purpose!! What is unconditional love? God is!

The100FOLDJourney is about living with this understanding. Living from the Spirit, not from the Body or Soul. Our Website is designed to come alongside you on this journey to help you find your true identity and by doing so finding God's true identity.

Join us. Ask questions. We want to be a life giving spirit to you.

Check this link out for a quick video on this:

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